The White Swan


Food Served 

Tuesday 12 noon - 2pm 

Wednesday 6pm - 8.30pm 

Thursday 12 noon - 2pm & 6pm - 8.30pm 

Friday 12 noon - 7.30pm 

Saturday 12 noon - 8.30pm 

Sunday 12 noon - 6pm 

The White Swan



Today’s soup   £4.25

With freshly baked baguette and butter (V)

Prawn cocktail   £5.80

North Atlantic prawns served with iceberg lettuce, brown bread and butter

Breaded Chicken Goujons  £5.00

Served with side garnish and BBQ sauce 

The Mains

Jumbo battered cod fillet   £8.75

Served with chips, garden peas, tartare sauce and a wedge of fresh lemon

Wholetail breaded scampi   £8.50

Served with chips, garden peas, tartare sauce and a wedge of fresh lemon

Homemade beef lasagne   £9.00

Layers of pasta with bolognaise, topped with a creamy cheese sauce, served with chips and salad

Steak & kidney pudding   £9.00

Locally sourced steak and kidney pudding served with new potatoes, vegetables and gravy

Chilli con carne   £7.90

Minced beef with red kidney beans in a medium spice sauce, served on a bed of rice

Tomato & basil pasta   £8.75

Fusilli pasta served with a tomato and basil sauce served with homemade garlic bread (V)

Hand carved honey roast ham & eggs   £8.00

Served with chips

Cheese & onion crispy bakes   £6.75

Cheddar and mozzarella cheeses with potato and spring onion in a crispy crumb served with mixed leaf salad (V)

Vegetarian sausages   £7.25

Seasoned vegetarian sausages served with Chips or New Potatoes and Vegetables (V)

Vegetarian burger  £8.00

Carrot, sweetcorn, red pepper and sweet potato coated in a crispy breadcrumb served in a toasted bun with Chips and Salad (V)

Double egg & chips   £5.25

Free range eggs and chips

Sausage chips & beans   £7.25

Butchers pork sausages, chips and beans


Garlic bread (V)   £2.50

Onion rings (V)   £2.75

Chips (V)   £2.75

Bread & butter (V)   £1.75

Jacket Potatoes

All served with salad garnish and ready salted crisps

Baked Beans (V)   £5.30

Tuna Mayonnaise   £5.75

Chilli  £5.80

Cheese & Ham   £5.55

Cheese & Onion (V)   £5.55

Prawn   £6.40

Cheese (V)   £5.30

Baguettes & Sandwiches

White & brown seeded baguettes & white & wholemeal sandwiches available

All baguettes and sandwiches are served with salad garnish and ready salted crisps

                                                 Baguette    Sandwich

Bacon & Cheese                             £6.20         £5.20

Grilled thick cut back bacon topped with melted cheddar cheese

BLT                                            £6.20         £5.20

Grilled thick cut back bacon, mixed leaf lettuce and tomato

Roast beef & horseradish                    £6.20         £5.20

Hand carved roasted beef with hot horseradish

Cheese and pickle (V)                          £5.45        £5.00

Grated mature cheddar cheese with sandwich pickle

Prawn                                    £6.20          £5.30

North Atlantic prawns with prawn sauce

Sausage and onion                 £5.95        £5.30

Butchers pork sausages with fried onion

Honey roasted ham               £5.70        £5.30

Hand carved honey roasted ham

Tuna mayo                            £5.70       £5.30

Skipjack tuna chucks with mayonnaise

Cheese (V)                            £5.25       £4.80

Grated mature cheddar cheese


A choice of either mature cheddar cheese or honey roast ham

Served with salad, pickle, pickled onions, gherkin, crisps and a freshly baked baguette


Something for the Children

Raspberry jam, marmite, cheese or honey roast ham sandwich   £4.75

Served on either white or wholemeal bread with vegetable sticks and salad garnish

Tomato & basil pasta (V) £5.75

Fusilli pasta with a tomato and basil sauce served with homemade garlic bread (V)

Build your own meal   £5.75

Choose a main

Chicken nuggets

Pork sausages

Fish fingers 

Choose a side

Salad (V)

Baked beans (V)

Peas (V)

Vegetable sticks (V)

Choose a final side

Chips (V)

New potato (V)

Mash (V)

Add dessert for £1.50

Ice cream

Two scoops of vanilla, chocolate or mint chocolate chip ice cream with a café curl wafer and chocolate sauce

Homemade warm chocolate brownie

Served with vanilla ice cream


Mixed ice cream sundae   £4.50

Vanilla, raspberry ripple, chocolate and mint chocolate chip ice cream served with chocolate sauce, topped with cream, café curl and sprinkles to finish

All of the below served with a choice of custard (V) or vanilla ice cream (V)

Homemade warm chocolate brownie (V)    £4.25

Spotted dick (V)   £4.50

Treacle sponge (V)   £4.50

Sticky toffee sponge (V)   £4.50

Hot Drinks

Tea or coffee   £1.50

Mocha, latte or cappuccino   £1.75

Hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows and a sprinkle of chocolate   £1.80

Home cooked Sunday Lunch served from 12 noon until 6pm

A choice between roast beef or roast chicken, served with roast potatoes, new potatoes, yorkshire pudding, fresh vegetables and gravy. Sage and onion stuffing served with roast chicken

Adult   £9.60 Child   £5.70

Sunday Specials

1st Sunday of the month roast pork

Homemade dessert of the week

If you have any food allergies or food intolerance's, please speak to a member of our staff about your requirements